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Staying Fit During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Social distancing has effectively put a stop to group fitness. Now it’s found a new start online. California gym chains, boutique fitness studios, and personal fitness instructors are having to get creative with moving the needs of their students online. 


Some fitness studios, like SBM Group Fit, are moving their classes to online video platforms. 

How Exercise Affects Your Immune System

As it turns out, too little or too much exercise can be detrimental in regards to preparing your body for the flu and other respiratory illnesses. Scientists commonly refer to this statistical phenomenon as a "J-shaped" curve.


Exercise immunity refers to both the systemic (whole body cellular response) and mucosal (mucous lining of the respiratory tract) response to an infectious agent, which follows this J-shaped curve.


According to a study conducted during the Hong Kong flu outbreak in 1998, mild to moderate exercise about three times per week reduced the risk of dying during this particular outbreak.


How SBM Group Fit Is Addressing The COVID-19 Pandemic

Online Workout Classes

We understand that this time can be tough, which is why we want to continue to do our best to be a source of positivity and movement in your lives! Same great workouts - just temporarily at home. SBM Group Fit is proud to offer online workout classes: everything from HIIT to bodyweight strength and pilates, just the same trainers you know and love.

Personalized At-Home Workouts

In an effort to help the SBM families that do not have access to our studio, a home gym, or just need a little guidance, we are offering custom workout programs that fit your needs! We will set up a quick phone call from one of our certified trainers to find out what you have at your disposal. From there, we will create the perfect custom workout program that you can do from the safety and comfort of your own home! 


Our personalized workout offer is a 1-month program that includes two 30-minute personal training sessions over Zoom and weekly check-ins for $100.00.


To learn more about our online workout programs, contact SBM Group Fit at

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